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Move your company to a hybrid infrastructure: Cloud computing can make a profound impact, but you should not drop your entire existing infrastructure and move overnight. The art lies in finding the optimal balance of new and legacy technologies. This can mean mixing on premise and cloud computing or using enterprise applications offered as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). Your infrastructure will evolve over time. Plan with this in mind and organize workloads to use the best mix of resources to deliver optimized business outcomes.

Protect your digital experience: With technology at the heart of a modern business, digital assets, intellectual property and customer data need protection. As commerce moves online, you cannot afford security breaches. The damage from a serious security breach can mean more than a mere financial loss. A breach can harm your reputation, shatter customer or partner confidence, and adversely affect sales. A digital business needs more than perimeter protection. Assume breaches will happen, plan to act fast when they do and fix things immediately.

Enable your workplace productivity: Technology creates opportunities to re-engineer work processes to improve productivity. Enterprises must discard the shackles of legacy systems and rethink how the New Style of Business can reduce cost, and improve both productivity and customer experience. Enterprises need to look at how mobile solutions can improve customer experience through self-service, re-define how frontline workforce can be empowered to improve customer engagement, and out-source work to optimize cost.

Empower your data-driven organization: You need to leverage all your relevant data to be an agile and data-driven enterprise. You will need to merge traditional Business Intelligence with new Big Data technologies to make the transformation. You have to optimize your existing BI investments while also taking advantage of Big Data and enhanced analytics to improve customer engagement and satisfaction, create new business opportunities, and boost your competitive advantage. The power of insight comes from an intelligent, end-to end approach to Big Data and information. You need the right engagement, the right environment, and the right management to analyze and understand your information and how to act on it. Hewlett Packard Enterprise Services has the expertise to help you move from the data center to the cloud, transform your infrastructure or manage your entire ecosystem. We are geared and ready to deal with the New Style of Business. Are you?

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